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Choosing to volunteer helps you feel good while helping others to build stronger communities.  You may not have to go any farther than your own back yard to volunteer in a very meaningful way.
There are many opportunities within the United Way of Schuyler County to volunteer.  Find one that works for you:  work a fundraiser, provide administrative support, serve as a board member, etc.  Let us know what works for you.

How We Work with Agencies
United Way of Schuyler County is a volunteer-led organization that mobilizes the resources and strategic thinking of the non-profit, private and public sectors to improve lives, strengthen the community, and build a stronger Schuyler County. 

Board of Directors-2018

John Franzese-President
Aimee Churchill-Vice President
Peggy Scott-Executive Director
Abbie Loan-Executive Secretary
Daryl Kelly-Treasurer
Drew Guild-Secretary
Debbie Simpson
Bill Yessman
Jeff Greuber
Fran Pierce
David Zinger
Kyle Chedzoy
Esther Heichel
Sarah Matthews
Jessica Smith
Steve Gillette
Misty Jones
Chris Cornett
Mike Learn
Stacy Woodworth
Terri Orbin
Barb Connelly
Curt Connelly